This is my Sunday dedication: “Sun Come Up,” an original song about reawakening the dawn that is surely being born during these unbearably painful times. The lyrics “Sun go down, sun come up again” are meant to ignite remembrance of the larger earth-circles we dwell in, so as not to get stuck in the cycles of grief. ?
This song is dedicated to writers, thinkers, and artists who are staying with the pain, rage, and madness to bring healing, art, and regeneration.

Buffy St. Marie originally inspired this song with her “Little Wheel Spin and Spin.” Joanna Macy and her work in framing the Great Unraveling and the Great Turning–staying with the grief to find belonging and purpose on the earth nurtured this song. Terry Tempest Williams’s courageous work that dares to love in the face of death, extinction, and habitat loss gives me the courage to do the same. Lead to Life’s alchemical work in transforming weapons into gardening tools for community regeneration rituals inspires me to keep at it—feeling, thinking, acting. ++++++So many more ++++
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@lead2life ? “For a turning world it’s not too late,
As one unravels another waits.
Shake the sleep from your eyes,
Light is changing,
It’s time to rise,
Sun come up again.”