Artist: Anne Carol Mitchell Released: April 18. 2014 Album: Migration Songs Genre: Songwriter

Anne Carol’s most recent album of original songs, exploring the movements of love and water. The songs are told with acoustic guitar, Hammond Organ, percussion, ukulele, banjo, sparse percussion, and voices.

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Migration Songs  is Anne Carol’s third solo record of original songs. The record conjoins cyclical themes of seasons, relationships, death, and rebirth. The songwriter’s unique voice is an evocative element leading the songwriting beautifully into the terrain of storms, moonless nights, animate waters, and the flowers in winter. The album as a whole guides the listener to a sense of renewal.

All songs by Anne Carol
Words on Lunarchy Song by Judy Grahn
Recorded and mixed by Josh Roberts and Ian Benham

Jesse Olsen Bay-drums, keys, vocals, and bass.

Jimmy Horn- banjo, ukulele, and vocals.

Anne Carol Mitchell- guitar and vocals.

Migration Songs lyrics

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