Artist: Anne Carol Released: March 21. 2005

A mythological “Goddess-rock” album of radical songs that explore the many faces of forgotten and repressed female voices.

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One Star Night takes the listener on a mythological journey. From star goddess stories, to the poetry of galactic dark matter, to protecting the earth as a spiritual and political belief, this album seamlessly blends the personal with the spiritual and the political. Anne Carol draws on the writing of author/activist Starhawk to paint a picture of dissent mirroring a mythology of surrender in Change of Season. She uses the writing and imagery of mystic painter Meinrad Craighead to personify the vivid and raw nature of winter in the song I Am Winter. Anne Carol’s Kitchen Song is a favorite in her repertoire with its beautifully crafted story of an erotic late night cup of tea. The album blends soaring vocals with driving guitar to move the audience towards action.

Listening tracks are excerpts